Precise Diagnosis & Treatment Make a Lasting Difference

At Interventional Pain Specialists of Wisconsin (IPSW), we take a unique approach to your care. Our clinic specializes in interventional pain management, so we address all the factors that could potentially affect how you experience and cope with acute and chronic pain.

That means we not only examine underlying physical causes, but also emotional, relational, and even financial influences that may be contributing to your condition.

Acute Pain & Chronic Conditions

While acute pain is typically more sharp and severe, chronic pain is long-lasting and on-going. Either condition can be debilitating. Both can lead to feelings of frustration, depression, anxiety, and more. At IPSW, we see patients who suffer from many conditions that lead to acute and chronic pain.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic neck and back pain, cancer pain, pain from a car accident or pain brought on by a recent surgery, IPSW sees and treats many conditions, while doing our utmost to offer our patients significant relief.

Treatments That Offer Relief

Dr. Brendel uses his expertise and experience to do more than treat your symptoms. He designs a specific treatment plan that pinpoints the source of your pain. From minimally invasive intervention treatments to therapeutic exercise, medication, and more, we’re committed to making a lasting difference in your life.

We’ve designed our comprehensive approach to treating patients to ensure your comfort and confidence.

  • At your first appointment, you will complete registration materials, then meet with one our clinical staff. For consistency and to ensure your comfort, we make every effort to have the same staff member work with you at all your appointments.
  • Dr. Brendel will begin with a thorough review of all your medical information, including any previous medical testing you may have undergone such as x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.
  • Dr. Brendel will perform a complete physical exam to determine underlying conditions.
  • Dr. Brendel will talk with you to help identify any non-physical factors that could be potentially impacting your pain.
  • Dr. Brendel will then develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.
Start Enjoying Life Again

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The adage is true… “if you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.” Acute and chronic pain sufferers know that neither money nor possessions are more important than living as pain-free as possible. At IPSW, we think it’s time to help you start enjoying life again by relieving your pain.

Why wait? With convenient hours, including early morning and lunchtime appointments, and prompt care for emergencies, we are here to make you feel better.

Insurance is accepted and we complete the submission process for you. We offer flexible payment options and accept major credit cards, debit cards, and even e-checks.

Since 2003, we’ve been your community’s small-town doctor delivering big results. Call 866-745-PAIN (7246) or 715-234-PAIN (7246) to schedule your appointment today, or contact us via our online form. 

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